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“Randee is a very unique educator. Her approach is customized for each student, for each lesson, for each visit. Her style is so approachable that both my daughter and my son respect Randee not just as a tutor, but as valuable mentor and more importantly a lifetime friend. Thank you for the opportunity, my words do not even begin to reflect how we all feel about Jettprep.” — Clara S.

“Jettprep has built great confidence in my son taking standardized tests. My son clicked right away with Randee and the entire staff. Also, we really appreciated the scheduling flexibility. We cannot thank Jettprep enough for their advice, guidance, input and tutoring.” — Tejal S.

“Jettprep has done more than just provide tutoring and prepare my children to excel on the SAT or other exams. They provided them with confidence to achieve their goals. I am pleased to say we saw great results. Thank you Randee and the Jettprep staff.” — Mila L.

“Thank you to the entire Jettprep team for the dedication, patience and support that they gave to my son and my family. They have gone beyond the call of duty and we are blessed we have been with Jettprep this whole time.” — Josephine and Manny T.

“My experience with Jettprep was outstanding. The entire staff was very knowledgeable, professional and readily available. My daughter followed their program for the SAT tutoring, worked hard and achieved her goal. It is worth the investment. Thank you!” — Ellen N.

“I know I made the right choice when I chose Jettprep for my son. Jettprep’s program utilizes my son’s strengths to improve on his weaknesses. Additionally, Randee and the staff offer a personal, flexible and caring environment which inspires my son to do his best.” — Michelle B.

“I am grateful I found Jettprep. They have done a great job with my son.” — Lorna P.

“My children and I have been extremely happy working with Jettprep for many years. We have watched the company grow and develop, yet maintain its intimacy. It is apparent how much Jettprep cares about my children’s achievements whether it’s for SAT’s or for academic tutoring. They are also so accommodating and flexible with everyone’s scheduling needs.” — Cheryl M.

“I have two teenagers attending Jettprep for SAT and math tutoring and my other child is going next year. Randee and the team at Jettprep are always making sure my kids are prepared, monitored and understand the material. It is a very nurturing environment. We are very happy with the results we are getting from Jettprep and we highly recommend the investment.” — Susie H.

“If you have a college bound student who is serious about doing well, Jettprep will help them achieve their goal. Randee and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They truly want to help your child succeed. Both of my children got great SAT scores with Jettprep’s help.” — Eve S.

“Jettprep is most definitely the best tutoring company in New Jersey! The tutors helped me improve my test scores by hundreds of points and ultimately helped me exceed my goal score on the SAT in just a single try. More than this, the environment is fun and healthy. I love all of the tutors and their thoughtfulness. I highly recommend Jettprep for ANY tutoring needs!” — Karizma K.

“Overall Jettprep is a great tutoring company. They were able to get me to understand topics that I couldn’t understand before. It’s not just a tutoring company, it’s like being part of a family. They really care about their students, their students’ lives, and the students’ families.” — Jackie L.

“Thank you so much for everything. This was honestly the first time I’ve had fun while learning. I love how much I have learned while at Jettprep and how much my score has improved. Thank you for making my dreams a reality!” — Ananya J.

“Jettprep has allowed me to refine skills that needed slight improvement and taught me vital skills in subjects I needed great improvement in. The tutors are extremely observant and able to spot mistakes no one else would see.” — Jared B.

“Thank you Jettprep for teaching me how to solve math problems more quickly and how to write proper essays. I had to do both of these things for a veterinary science competition and I got perfect scores on both the math and the essay and placed 3rd in the state for the competition. Thank you!!!” — Sydney G.

“I could not have made it successfully through Algebra II Honors and Pre-Calculus Honors without Jettprep!!!” — Ben M.

“Thank you to everyone at Jettprep for helping me reach my highest ACT score. One of the best aspects of Jettprep was the tutors ability to adjust homework to meet my needs. The whole staff cared so much about my success.” — Ashley H.

“Thank you Randee and the Jettprep team for helping me over the last 5 months. I did well on the SAT and I wanted to thank you all for what you guys have done for me!” — Emmitt P.

“I can’t thank Jettprep enough for helping me achieve what I never thought was possible! Jettprep didn’t just help me with learning how to take the SAT but also helped me with my test anxiety. I am proud to say because my nerves disappeared, I have maintained A’s in AP Calculus and in AP Psychology! Thank you for everything!” — Breanna A.

I tried a lot of tutoring services prior to going to Jettprep and no one prepared me in the same capacity that Jettprep did. Jettprep has really become my second home over the past few months. Randee and the rest of the staff made my SAT experience easy and enjoyable. The tutors and staff are also incredibly accommodating. My score has gone up almost 300 points and I could not be happier with my progress!” — Sydney H.

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